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    Under Firefox (version 22.0) the slideshow stops after 3 of 18 images. Restarting Firefox did not help.

    I tried on a different computer: under FF version 21.0 it looped, after update to version 22.0 it stopped after 3 images.

    Under Chrome (version 27.0.1453.116) it works fine and continuously loops.

    Any idea?




    I tagged this one for Kriesi. I get an error message: “NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE: Component is not available” after the third slide and I’m not sure if this is a js/slider script bug. Some posts (like: ) suggest it’s a browser engine bug.


    Thanks Peter

    I’m afraid it’s a Firefox bug:

    With the following setup it worked fine:

    – Firefox 21.0

    – WordPress 3.5.1

    – Flashlight 2.2.1

    The problem started as soon as Firefox was updated to version 22.0

    I have just updated my setup:

    – WordPress 3.5.2

    – Flashlight 2.3

    (Firefox 22.0)

    The problem persists





    I just updated to v22. This release is unstable when scrolling on any website, I get a little ‘wave’ effect, firebug doesn’t work with it. I have a feeling they will be putting out something soon to patch it up.

    Yes your slideshow indeed does stop on the 3rd image, and since I updated it on your site I saw with v21 it was changing images. Please wait a bit since as I wrote there are some problems with this Firefox release.





    Same problem the slideshow stops after 3 images under firefox 22.0, works fine with chrome and explorer…



    Hi All,

    FF 23 is scheduled for August 6th release so hopefully this addresses the issue.





    What is interesting is that when you open up a firebug panel so its on the bottom and refresh, there is no error and all the images are shown in sequence. but the moment you close it, the images stop.

    There is some indication ( ) like Peter wrote that it’s a browser error ( )

    Please hang on.





    Vers. 23 of Firefox is out now. We are using WordPress 3.6 and Flashlight 2.4.

    The fullscreen slider, which is an important part of our site is not working properly.

    It stops after the 3rd Image.


    I have read that 30% of the Users are using Firefox, so for 30% of our Clients the Webpage is not working properly.

    Is there any workaround or could the fullscreen Javascript be a little bit changed ?

    What are our possibilities ?

    We like the theme very much so we dont want to change it.

    Thank you

    best regards




    Same problem the slideshow stops after 3 images under firefox 23.0, works fine with safari, chrome and explorer…




    I sent Kriesi a mail and asked him to look into it. Hopefully he can find a workaround.

    Best regards,



    Ok, thank you

    Could you please send me a short email, if there is any solution: (Email address hidden if logged out)




    Hey Guys!

    I set up a demo installation and tried to reproduce the issue but it works fine for me.

    So the first thing to check: are there any plugins running that might interfere (apart from woocommerce)

    If thats not the case: could you change a few slider settings (from fade to slide, slide duration, image cropping) and check if the problem persists? Thanks!



    Thanks for your reply.

    1.) I have the issue also on your demo (themeforest) with firefox 23, Windows 7, 3 different Computer.

    2.) I have done what you said and changed a few things in the backend, but the problem persists.

    Site is

    I can give you the login, if you need.




    I have set up a clean local installation with xampp:

    Windows 7, Firefox 23, WordPress 3.6, Flashlight 2.4

    Without any plugins.

    But i have the same problem and the firebug console shows this error:

    NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE: Component is not available

    I hope you can help us. at the moment i am a little bit out of ideas and my programming skills are far too low :-)

    thank you

    btw i have seen the same issue on this website:

    They use the same theme.




    Here is a picture of the error:





    Could reproduce it after a few cycles. seems to be very random for me. sometimes it happens after 3 slides, sometimes after a dozen. The problem here really seems to be a bug in firefox. the error message basically tells that the image for the slider is not loaded although it already is loaded.

    I am not sure if my current solution will work for everyone so could you please try the following:

    open the file flashlight/js/avia_fulscreen_slider.js

    and replace its content with this code:

    then let me know if it works (please make sure you refresh your browser cache so the files gets loaded properly)


    Hi, Kriesi

    Code replaced

    Test 1 multiple times on local xampp: working perfect !

    Test 2 multiple times online: working perfect !

    Test 3 different pc: working perfect !

    windows 7, wordpress 3.6, flashlight 2.4, firefox 23

    Thank you so much for your time and for the solution !!


    best regards



    Hey guys,

    had the same problem since a couple of week, making me mad. Just replaced Kriesi´s code and it also worked for me. So that´s the solution! (although i have no idea how you did it). Anyway, many many thanks. Great support team!



    Great to hear. will include it in the next patch later today :)

    Basically had to tell the slider to try loading the next image and if it encounters an error with that, wait a few milliseconds, then do it again. that seems so solve the problem in firefox. for some reason the browser has no problems loading the resource if you set a short timeout.

    A very weird bug :P



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