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    I am very happy with the theme, that I have downloaded.

    However, I am able to change every setting relating to the appearance and operation of the slider on the homepage. However, “Where can I change the content?” Such as the images in the slide across the page.

    I am aware where the the FTP directory is and could probably change it in seconds.. However is there a admin panel on WP? My site would have many images and it seems long winded not to be able to point the image at media uploaded into my gallery section.

    Many thanks,




    you can create and edit the slides in your admin options panel – Just go to Slider Entries > Add New. You can set the slider image by using “Set featured image” link on the right side.



    Muppet moment.. Thought it would be in appearance or main page options.

    Thanks for the help !


    On a separate issue, where can I edit the main page CSS. I would like to change the button (arrow image) & website logo position and size. I have notepad++ if need be.

    Many thanks



    All the CSS can be found in {template_directory}/style.css for the main layout and {template_directory}/css/style1.css, {template_directory}/css/style2.css or {template_directory}/css/style3.css depending on which flavour you chose.

    {template_directory} is the path to the theme folder; typically it would be located in{template_name}

    It’s recommended you make all adjustments using a local editor and use FTP to upload the files for 2 reasons:

    1.) You keep a local backup of the code (and there’s always Ctrl Z / Cmd Z to undo if something breaks).

    2.) WP doesn’t always show you all the template files; especially in sub-folders.



    Brilliant, thanks for the help.

    I seem to have another question, teething issues.. with wordpress, maybe..


    When I upload content to the media section, and select that content via insert images in the blog section, for homepage posts in the 4 columns. I seem to have a cropping issue.

    The files in the help index state – 910px * 390px

    I set it as the featured image, however the stock images are full scale in the blog section (when you click “Read More”) but are perfectly resized in the small thumbnail they are not) ref homepage. How is this done?

    website ->



    the problem is that CleanCut outputs a width and height value for the images. In your case it uses the original image (around 200px width but with the normal post featured image size of 610px). The browser upscales the image from 200 to 610px. The best solution is to use an bigger image (with at least 610px width or more)…

    <img width="610" height="260 " title="Apple" alt="" src="" style="opacity: 1;">


    I have looked through the documentation, and seen that the chr mod need to be changed to “777” where is this “media” file located.

    Many Thanks


    Glad that you found a solution :)

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