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    Hi there,

    i use Broadscope as my Portfolio page and so i like the Slideshow technology on my HOME-site. But when i add a new item, i’d like to have it first, not last, because the first item usually creates most attention and you can see what i got newest.

    So is there any possibility (even by hand – im quite good in coding) to change the order of the slideshow items?

    Best regards



    edit: im talking ’bout the featured images -> slideshow.


    *push* :)



    I haven’t tested my approach but I think you can use the array_reverse function to change the slides array order. In broadscopeincludesfeatured-images-slideshow.php replace:

    $output = "<ul class='slideshow'>";

    foreach($slides as $slide)


    $output = "<ul class='slideshow'>";
    $slides = array_reverse($slides, true);

    foreach($slides as $slide)


    Thats great! Works!

    Last question:

    Is there ANY possibility (even code-wise) to change the sorting like this:

    Existing Featured image on position 4 to position 1?

    Any help appreciated



    I’m not entirely sure but I don’t think it’s easily possible without rewriting some parts of the framework. I can only give you a hint regarding the code location. broadscopeincludesadmin_option_pagesmetabox.php ; broadscopeframeworkphpclass-htmlhelper.php and broadscopeframeworkphpclass-metabox.php contain all necessary code references.


    Ok, thank you, i’ll see what i can do! Lets see if i can implement a “position” field.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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