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    Hi all!!

    I add an image to the slideshow in post of the blog, and I add 3 images to default gallery, How I can configure the image in the slideshow

    to do not see in the lightbox?

    Sorry for my english, its a google translation.


    Hi, evilactivity

    Below the Slide Options, take a quick visit at Featured media. Beside the thumbnails click “Show” then look for “Apply link to the image?”, you can either link the image to a post, a page or link it manually to a specific URL.


    I select the option link to this post, but when I’m in the post, the image open in lightbox



    Have you considered creating a button? Go to Caption Advanced beside Default Options then fill up Caption Call to Action Button Label to create a button.




    Hi Ismael.

    Not the behavior I expect.

    I only need disable lightbox for this heading image when I’m in the post.




    You mean you don’t want a link for the images? Have you tried Apply link to the image? > No link?

    Best regards,



    In I need the link.

    In I don´t need link neither lightbox.



    I am not sure if there is a way to exclude the post of having a lightbox. I will notify the other support staff if they know something about this.




    Thanks for reply Ismael.


    Hey evilactiviti,

    Ismael is correct. The no link option will remove the lightbox effect from both but not one or the other.




    Hi Devin!

    In the default options of the image in the slideshow is this:

    No link

    Open lightbox when clicked

    Link to this post (that’s what I want)

    Link to page

    Link to category

    Link manually

    Ok. I need the 3rd option. Why in my post is active the 2nd option?

    It works as I want here:

    Don’t work properly here:

    Thanks for reply.


    Hi evilactiviti,

    The behavior can’t be copied once you are already on the post because it would link to the page you are on, so it removes the link and by default adds the lightbox behavior.

    If you don’t want the lightbox on the individual post, you will need to select the No link option.


    Hi Devin.

    Is possible to touch the code to change that behavior?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi evilactiviti,

    The code that processes the slideshow is the same one that is uses site wide. The individual page options are run through it and it would have to be re-written in order to change the behavior. I’m not sure the impact this would have on the rest of the theme since it relies so much on the slideshow.



Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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