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    how to create product category image

    look here, (image of woman)

    I want to add sidebar on here :



    Hi GravitatioN,

    For the category page, go to WooCommerce Products>Categories then click on the category you want to add the image to. Add the bottom of these options is an Upload button for adding an image to the category. You can also add the category description text here which will show up under the image.

    For the sidebar, just go to Appearance>Widgets and add widgets to the Single Product Pages widget area and they will show up on the single product page.




    Hello, thanks for the answer.


    yes, I already try that one

    please look here the result.

    I have question about the menu bar

    I believe few weeks ago I look on demo that the menu bar is fixed on the top when we scroll it down

    how to make it?


    If you look the result, the sidebar will below the product image

    what I want is that sidebar is still like other page

    please help


    Just tell me what single product page name is in editor??

    please reply someone.

    – for the sidebar that I wanted :


    Hi GravitatioN,

    Each time you self-reply it actually bumps the post to the end of our Queue system since it goes by oldest response.

    The single page is not a page you can edit in the editor.

    When viewing that page, I get the correct sidebar functionality:


    The sidebar is not designed to go next to the other data so you would need to modify the way the theme builds the single product template in the config-woocommerce>config.php file.




    Hi Devin,

    sorry for self-reply

    I can’t edit the post, so do you think you can solve this sidebar issue?

    If I go to config.php

    what should I do?



    You have a sidebar on that page. The Category is the Custom Menu widget on a sidebar on that page. Please check Appearance > Widgets on the right side of the page for that sidebar where you can change or add widgets.




    Hi Nick,

    have you check my image?

    I want the sidebar is on the left of the product image. Could you guide me to change the class for that product image + product description

    so It will be fit for the sidebar, look image below


    Hi GravitatioN,

    Unfortunately no, that is a bit beyond what we can help with via support. It will cause issues with the responsive layout and will need to adjust everything on the shop page.

    If you aren’t comfortable editing php files and html/css, you can look into a freelance developer who should be able to make the changes for you.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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