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    When I click on a portfolio item on the Front Page I expected a slideshow. Instead I get a huge image and when I click on it the window pops up with a slide show, but this is what I wanted:

    Have I missed something?


    Hi kristiegeorge,

    For each image in the portfolio item, you can select what happens when you click on it. I don’t know what the settings you have now are, but depending on the exact effect you are going for you may need to do one of a few different options.

    Can you point out here which item you want to mimic the effect of:

    And on your site what is happening on which item so that we have a clear idea of the two.




    click on slideshow

    slideshow shows

    My site

    click on National Walk for Epilepsy

    large photo appeard

    click on large photo and then Shadow Box opens……I want the slideshow to appear


    For that item you just need to add more photos. Also, for each photo added into the featured media meta box, expand the options by selecting “Show” and then change the Link dropdown to be no link.




    I realized that the slideshows not showing up was related to the other issue. Once I deactivated the culprit plugin everything is fine. Thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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