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    I just registered a new wordpress site and installed the Sentence theme. The slideshow at the top is not showing up in any browser. I tried adding in some different images to see if that works but I may just be doing it wrong. Can I get some steps showing how to get this to show up and any tips if it is just not working because an error?



    Hi jjdub21

    If you want to use a page instead of the blog feed for the home page, you’ll need to set the front page and blog in the wordpress Settings>Reading. Otherwise, the most recent blog post will show its slider at the top of the ‘homepage’.




    Hey Devin,

    I want it to be the blog feed with the animation at the top. This is the way it appears in the demo I think. You can take a look at my site: and it looks the same, just without the sideshow. I even imported the default post data to see if that made it work, but no luck. Should I try to re-install the theme maybe?

    Thanks again,



    Hey Devin,

    Never mind, I figured out what you mean. Ill mess around with having a default home page to see if I like it.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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