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    Mine still does not work; I’ve updated the theme, updated WordPress and cleared the cache.

    One of you mentioned deactiving plugins; I need and use all of thees plugins – will all of my information and settings etc. still be there?
    And will they function just the same and everything will be fine when I re-activate them?

    I am desperate; this client’s site has been done for over a week and still can’t get this slider to work …. help?


    Ok, Ismael,

    I deactivated all of those plugins, cleared the cache and looked at the site – nothing… the slider still has the same problem… it only works in Internet Explorer

    In Chrome and Firefox, stops after second slide and links do not work.



    The xcelerate-solutions site is still using the original theme version from what I can tell. The last version had a specific fix for making the slideshows work with 3.6+ so updating is the first thing you should do. The correct version is 1.3 after the initial release incorrectly had 1.6 as the version number on release.

    Just a note however is that the slideshow is working on my end without issue in Chrome and Firefox.



    Okay, this problem has been resolved; I did update the theme files.

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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