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    Another problem I faced (I hope this is the last one before the website can be finished)

    When adding multiple portfolio items I’m not able to add the slideshow anymore. I can set it in the back-end, but it doesn’t show.

    This is the portfolio-item where I tried it on (it has 2 pictures in the gallery):!prettyPhoto

    I also get an error message:

    TypeError on line 2 in jquery.js

    But as far as I remember I didn’t touch that file at all, just some minor change in avia.js (on your direction, to disable the mobile menu)

    Hope anyone can figure this one out as well. Thanks in advance!


    Hi marjons,

    Have you checked to make sure one of your other plugins is not conflicting with Angular’s slider? I noticed in your source code you have the NextGen Gallery plugin activated.




    Hi Mya, thanks for your quick reply.

    Indeed I have NextGen gallery activated, I tried de-activating it but the problem still exists. Any other ideas?

    Thank you!


    Hi, I think I solved this on my own. I tried replacing every file I changed with the original one, and now it works again on my local installation.

    Just can’t get it to work correctly with NextGen plugin so I’ll have to think of something else for that one.

    Thanks anyway for your answer Mya, you helped me getting on the right way!



    Good thing it works.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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