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    My site is http://sandbox.urc.org.uk The slider only works properly in full 3D and even then is very slow and choppy. Scrolling the page is choppy and the slideshow gradually deteriorates. Is it because my images are too large in their original? Is there an ideal size that images should be for uploading to the site?

    Any help urgently needed and greatly appreciated!



    can you create a sample page with JS slideshow – we can see/investigate the display error first hand then and if it’s a major problem I can report it to Kriesi.


    Hey Dude. Thanks for replying. Create it on the site, you mean? How is that different from my Homepage that I’ve already created? Or do you mean one with a 2D slideshow or something?

    Sorry to be ignorant!


    Yes – I refer to the 2D slideshow. In your last post you said that only 3D slideshows seem to work fine for you. Can you please create a post/page with a slideshow which doesn’t work properly?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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