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    Hi there

    I just updated to WordPress 3.3.2 and now my slideshow images aren’t appearing. I just have a white box where the slideshow used to be although the smaller images that should be in the slideshow are appearing underneath the white box, as normal. I’ve tried deleting all the images and reuploading them but that’s not working ….. any ideas?




    Hi Caroline,

    I just did a quick test and did not have any issues with the theme and 3.3.2. Can you check that your theme files are updated? I believe the most recent release is 1.2.1.




    I am having the same problem, and when I look for theme files to update, it only shows the initial theme that wordpress offered twenty ten theme for update. Not sure how I can update the Avisio theme that I have installed, and how I go about getting help on this problem.


    Hi Kbmatth,

    You can update your theme files in the same way you first installed the theme. Re-download the zip file from Themeforest from your Downloads and then extract the theme folder from there. Now either upload the zip of the theme again through wordpress or upload the unzipped theme folder overtop of the current theme files via ftp.




    I’m having the same problem so tried following the instructions posted by Devin but had the following problems:

    1. Tried uploading the theme again through WordPress but got an error message saying “theme already installed”

    2. Uploaded the unzipped folder overtop of the current theme files via FTP but it doesn’t look to have worked. Do I need to upload the whole Themeforest file ” (Purchase code hidden if logged out)” or just the “” file?

    3. Where exactly do I need to upload it to? Do I drop it into wp-content/themes/ or wp-content/themes/carona?

    4. Will it overwrite the files or do I need to delete the old files?

    Also, does Corona have a Child Theme?




    Issue resolved, it was actually the WordPress Jetpack Plugin that was causing the problem.



    Good thing this is resolved.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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