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    Hey, I’ve downloaded the habitat theme, and loving it, but wanted to ask if there we’re a few things i could change… Firstly. I’ve just clocked how to use the slider at the top of the blog, but my images when uploaded do not centre and display to the far left. Is there a particular or preferred size that they should be?

    Also, big question… is there any way that I can move the entire blog down a step so that i can fit a bigger sized image in as my header-image at about 200 Pixels big?

    Also, last question… I wish to change the colour of the ‘tweet’ button located underneath the date of each post… Any thoughts?

    Go easy on me, I’m a rookie!

    Many thanks



    1. Yes they need to be 750px or 800px wide for it to cover the whole screen. If your image does not have the correct dimensions it gets ‘cropped’ and does not appear to fit the full width of the screen.

    2. Are you referring to the logo here?

    3. Nope you cant change the colour of the TweetMeme re-tweet button as that is controlled server side on TweetMeme server. Only way to customise the button is if you have a TweetMeme account and pay for the $1,000 professional account. You can replace it with the official twitter version instead which uses the Twitter blue colour scheme.


    Thanks Mansize, Im pretty rubbish at this kind of stuff, so need straight awswers!

    No worries about the logo, fixed it!


    Thanks Mansize Rooster for helping us out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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