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    i got a question about the Slideshow Images

    I got some pictures that i want to display at the Slideshow. I resized them to 200×150 and 220×150 px.

    But everytime I upload to the Slideshow via “Add Image to Slideshow” at the page, they got big like this:

    thats no height of 150px ;)



    Hi adsolvix,

    The slideshow first adjusts images to fill the width of the slideshow area. So the 200px width gets expanded until it fits the area and then the height is whatever it is at that point.

    You can either use larger images (990px in width) or use one of the small image layouts by selecting “Show” for the individual image in the Featured media area of the page and then going to the “Image Size Options” tab of the options there. Then use the dropdown to choose Small Image left or right. This will let the image float to one side so you can add a caption on the other side using the Caption Advanced Tab.




    Is there anyway to then center that image? I would like to have a smaller image, but in the center and not to the left or right because I don’t want to use captions.



    Hi lisabcole,

    Not that I have found no. The image being set to 100% width is what allows it to easily respond to the various browser sizes and each time I’ve seen any of us or a user attempt to center the image (using a smaller image) it hasn’t worked out.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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