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    I understand the concept of how to make th slideshow, but I have an issue.

    I’m my WordPress 3.0.1, I have two section of Featured Images.

    I’m not sure if this happened because of my prior theme.

    Every time I try to add a picture, it will add the insert the image into the other feature images section.

    I cannot locate where to disable this option.



    Do you have an example of page where this is occurring on your site? I can’t seem to reproduce looking at URL you provided.

    Best regards,



    Yeah if you look here:

    You will see two sections which is the original featured images above the featured image sections for Habitat.

    When I click the Insert Image for the Habitat section and search for an image, or upload an image, then click Use as featured image, it will put the image in other featured image section and not the Habitat section.

    Hope that makes sense


    bump, could use a little support for something I paid for and thats not working?


    Have you tried disabling any other plugins that you have running that use a featured image?

    Would also be handy if you could provide a URL to a page as an example.


    I’m not aware of any plugins which use featured items.

    And the image shows you what I am talking about, but just click my name to go to the site.


    I think it’s a problem with your wordpress installation. Try to reupload all wordpress files again. If the problem persists you may need to cleanup your wordpress database – maybe the old theme created some entries which are now causing conflicts.


    I never did a rebuild for wordpress, and just scared to lose anything or make things worse. Is there anything in the DBs specifically to look for?


    I tried reinstalling automatically, but that did not resolve anything. I guess its a DB thing, so now where do I look?


    [strike]So I accidentally deleted my uploads folder, and had to have my hosting restore it. The link above will no longer work, please use:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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