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    I’ve changed the height of the slideshow with the following code:

    .slideshow.fade_slider, .slideshow_container {
    height: 113px !important;

    But the slideshow on the homepage i want bigger 351px.

    How do i make two different height for the slideshows?


    Hey Gisellala!

    You can add this below the code you use above:

    .home .slideshow.fade_slider, .home .slideshow_container {
    height: 351px !important;



    It works, great thanks!

    One other question, on the homepage i don’t see the arrow below the mainmenu, when i go to another page it’s working fine, do you know why?



    Can you post a link to your homepage please?



    It’s been a while, but the arrow below the mainmenu are still gone, do you know how to fix that?



    ow and in the dropmenu there is also something wrong, i thinks it has something to do with the missing arrows :(

    please help :))

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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