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    Hello, here is the URL:

    we added new slides to the slideshow and now it is not rotating – we can’t even click through. Any thoughts?



    You’re using an old version of Replete (v1.1). Please update to the latest version (v1.5) and check if the update solves the issue.




    I’ve updated, but the welcome page still will not do the slideshow.

    Although I have created another home page that does cycle through, but the arrows do not work to click through

    We’ll probably format the new page as homepage for now – but I’m wondering what has happened? And I would like the arrows to work as well.



    Hi nikicampbell

    Since you have not used the most recent code for a while your settings probably need to get refreshed. Go to your theme options>styling and save your options.

    Then go to the home page with the slider, change the order of the images or a caption and then save that too.




    I did both of those things – and now it is cycles from the first slide to the 2nd and then stops (even though we have 5 slides)

    also – the arrows still do not work.

    sorry to belabour it! But we need the slide show to work like it used to….


    Deactivate any plugins you have active besides WooCommerce. It looks like there is still something causing a conflict with the javascript even after the 3.6 update to it.

    If you have any updates available for plugins you should do them as well.


    I deactivated everything, all plug-ins are updated – and still nothing works…I’m not really sure what to do


    I have this problem – but only since I upgraded my WP version – I have deactivated all my plugins removed and reinserted the slideshow and have the problem on multiple pages. Any suggestions?


    Ah – a subsequent search showed me this: and re-downloading the theme and re-installing fixed the problem.


    I already did that. I have the newest version of the theme, installed just a couple of days ago. The slideshow problem existed before the update, it is what prompted me to make the theme update.



    Do you have a cache plugin? Please flush the settings. Remove browser cache then reload the page a few times. If you already updated the theme to the latest version then slider should work.




    It is now working – thank you :)


    Glad we could help. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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