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    I am trying to create the same slideshow you have shown in your theme demo (Home>Slideshow Frontpage). However, I don’t see any options to customize the slideshow in the same way you have it displayed in the demo. Specifically, I would like my slideshow to have the page arrows in the bottom right, the ‘page dots’ in the bottom left, ability to develop an image caption with buttons and if someone clicks on a given slideshow picture it will redirect them to a URL rather than open up in a picture. All these features are displayed in your demo theme but I don’t see these options as an admin. Please let me know how to do this. Thanks.



    I have same issue here. Please help. Thanks


    Hi! I’ll just jump in because I thought I had the same issue. Reading the documentation helps a lot – but you have to create a page in the template builder. Call it whatever you’d like – say…HOME. Add a “slideshow” element and then all your customization will come from adding slides to that particular page. That is done WITHIN that page in your admin. SO – if you have a page called “Home” there are a few things you need to do in it.

    1. Along the rightside there is a section called “layout”. You must choose (in the first dropdown) DYNAMIC TEMPLATE then in the drop-down below – choose the name of template that you just build…HOME in this case.

    2. In the middle you will see Slideshow options and Featured media below. that. Set the slideshow options wo auto-rotate or whatever (if you are going to have more than one slide) – then you add your images below in the featured media.

    3. Click ADD IMAGE TO SLIDESHOW. Make sure the image is big enough – I usually create them to spec so at least 950px wide. Once it’s uploaded you can add the taglines by clicking on the SHOW icon to the right of the uploaded image. From here it is also self explanatory. There is a “default options” tab where you can change how the image links and then also advanced settings to make the tagline/caption on the left…right…bottom…

    Also note – the shortcodes on this theme are AWESOME – so you can add all sorts of buttons and stuff here too. I usually create the shortcode that I want to use in the editor on the page, then cut and paste it to where I Want to use it.

    Hope that helps :)


    In order to create the same slider in the demo you should do the following.

    Create a new page, select “Fullwidth, no sidebar” as the layout. You can now add images to the slideshow by clicking the Green Button(Add image to slideshow) below the Slide Options. You can add captions and link on each images on the Default Options, you can either have a link to page, post, category or you can link it manually. If you want a button just like in the demo, you can click Caption Advanced then fill up “Caption Call to Action Button Label”, again, you can create a link to a post, the next slide, a page or you can create a link manually to a specific URL.

    As for the slideshow controls position, you might want to open the css folder on the angular themes and edit slideshow.css.

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks, all sorted now :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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