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    I wanted to ask if you can have a full width slideshow on ANGULAR (last 1.7) as in the case of your theme INCARNATION … if it is possible to change any code or help me do that, I have a medium level of knowledge.

    I tested using a debugger web and it’s quite easy using a method live.

    In addition I saw a bug on three different computers windows 7/8: using chrome and firefox does not seem to me the right / left arrows in the slideshow and Index Icons do not appear.
    Using Opera and Internet explorer did work good!

    my website:

    thank you for the quick reply!


    Hi emilio-esh,

    No, Angular doesn’t have support for a full width slider.

    You could try hacking it with css alterations but I’m not sure if you would end up getting a good result.

    For the arrow issue, I’m not having issues with it on my end but I know there was a single version of Chrome (either 21 or 22) that was not displaying them for a while there so make sure your browser is up to date.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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