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    Firstly apologies as I cannot show you a direct example on my site as still in local dev. On your demo site it can be seen though http://kriesi.at/themes/angular/slideshow-frontpage-example/, very small I know but the transition from the final slide back to the first jumps ever so slightly to the right. This has only come to my attention as I have overlayed some graphics onto the slideshow through the theme settings using html and css, the transition makes the graphic jump on fade.

    As I say I can’t show you the extent of this issue but it is noticeable to the trained ;-) eye on your demo. I have tried a few CSS tricks but can’t get rid of this annoying issue.

    Other than that wonderful theme and has provided a perfect platform for our company to relaunch as a fresher and more stylish company.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated



    Once you have it up and can show us we will gladly do our best, but since we are unable to see it in the demo nor on the local development versions, there is very little that we can do without seeing it first.




    Ok thanks, done a bit of digging and it appears to be a Crome issue as it displays fine in all other browsers


    Problem resolved. Closing post.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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