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    Im making some changes in one page of the website http://digitaldiscovery.com.pt/servicos-de-marketing-digital/website-e-blogs/

    I add a slideshow in that page that is covering the text. How can I fix this in this page?

    Tks in advance!

    you guys rock btw .)



    Hey Bonovox,

    There were some slight CSS fixes with version 1.2.1. Can you update your theme files and see if that fixes the issue?


    Hi Devin,

    Whats the easiest way to update without losing all the job I have done in the website?

    Tks in advance!



    You just need to replace the files which are mentioned in version.rtf. I’d use a ftp client software like filezilla to upload the updated files.


    Hi Dude,

    I have just download the Corona template from Themeforest (is this the lastest version?). Wich files should I update?

    Tks in advance!




    please use version.rtf (the changelog file which is inside the themeforest zip file) to determine which files require an update. In my version.rtf I found:

    Version 1.2.1
    December 20th 2011
    file: style.css: fixed a bug in google chrome + updated version number

    2011 10 06 - Version 1.2
    style.css updated version number, added a fix for mobile devices and header links
    folder /js/ updated aviacordion to work better with mobile devices
    includes/helper.slideshow.php piecemaker slideshow now supports links for images

    2011 10 03 - Version 1.1

    style.css updated version number
    slideshow.css updated aviacordion slider
    folder /js/ updated aviacordion slider and made some small imprivements to avia.js. aviacordion videos work in ie7 and 8 now, also the click event from the aviacordion image is duplicated onto the image description, as long as this description doesnt contain links of its own
    search.php fixed a layout problem when performing a search
    includes/admin/ fixed a problem with dynamic tempaltes and widgets

    2011 09 11 - Version 1.0


    Hey Dude,

    I updated as the instructions, but I still have the same problem in the page http://digitaldiscovery.com.pt/servicos-de-marketing-digital/website-e-blogs/ and in the homepage http://www.digitaldiscovery.com.pt

    Im lost here :P

    Tks in advance!



    Solved :))))


    Glad you were able to get the issue resolved Bonovox :)

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