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    I have a couple of questions?

    1. How do I disable the slideshow for category pages? I just want it on the home page.

    2. On the category pages (archives) I would like the post to appear as small snippets with image same as the home page? Is this possible?

    Thank you




    having the same trouble…


    (me uses abundance…)

    played around quite to long with the problem of having the featured image full with displayed on the ARCHIVE of CATEGORIES Page.

    Seems to correspond somehow with the use of dynamic templates… and what Post Layout you have published your last Article…

    but can´t figure out the logic when the page is full with and when the list of blogs is nice with small thumbnails…

    any ideas???



    newsfootage – can you post a link to a page where this problem occurs?

    Best regards,



    this problem makes kind of wired stuff!

    here you can see it: ##### with one post ###### with more posts ######### fine like i want it to display

    i have some how the feeling that the problem has to do something with the last post you publish or with the number of posts which are in a category – or that it gets the right way when you play around with the “use default” Postlayout by switching to an other one and back …

    but I didn´t get the point when the listing went to the right look…

    some days ago when i wrote the comment here – i had the same look on all my cateogies right now the problem became better on the blog…


    HI newsfootage,

    I just did a couple of quick test to check this out. The Archive for category will use the format of the most recent post of that category. So if you have the last 10 posts as left and right sidebar, but the new 11th post is small image and right sidebar only it will use that layout when you click on the category page.




    Sorry don´t get the point here… all my posts (except the very first one) are with custom post Layout, which is set to full screen ….

    so i propose … I will watch the behavior for some more time /days maybe 2-3 weeks … and come back to you guys on the topic with more info from my side or when layout fu** up to much …

    the look at the moment is not the way i wan´t it – but i can live with it….



    Hi newsfootage,

    What I mean is, the most recent post in any category dictates the overall style of that category page. So you need to always use the same layout setting whenever you make a post.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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