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    On the desktop and iPad everything works properly but on the iPhone the container that houses the captions and the buttons in the slideshow on the home page, for some reason does not make the caption wrap so it just keeps going to the right.

    here is the url:


    It also happens in chrome for desktop


    I fixed the chrome issue by adding:

    .chrome .slideshow_inner_caption {
    width: 80%;

    but, is there a fix for safari for iPhone?


    I tried

    .safari .slideshow_inner_caption{


    and that fixed it but it also broke the desktop version. Any way of targeting just the mobile safari version?



    It was working fine on the iPad but now it is not, and I did nothing to make that happen. Very strange. This has also happened to me intermittently on safari for desktop. I thought I was seeing things but now I think there is something fishy going on.



    Can you post a screenshot? I checked on Chrome on Win7 and on my iphone it looks fine on my end.



    It had never worked properly on the iPhone but you are right, now it looks right, I disabled the W3 cache plug in, and now it is broken again, see screen shot:

    How do I post a screenshot?



    You can upload screenshots on and share links here
    You are using fixed layout, you can change it to responsive layout in Choices theme options under Layout & Settings

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    Here is the screenshot:

    I do not want to make it responsive as I have made quite a bit of customization and have not created the additional style sheets



    This is how i see it on Chrome, Firefox and IE
    Which browser are you using?



    iPhone and iPad are the only browsers displaying the problem



    On my iphone 4 it still looks fine. Please take a look;
    portrait mode screenshot and landscape mode screenshot
    unfortunately i do not have a chance to check it on an ipad



    Perhaps you are still seeing a cached version? Maybe you can clear your cache and history and try again?
    I force safari to quit and then I reload.



    No issues on my end either. I’m not sure what could be causing the difference but what version of iOS are you running?



    iOS 7 I just checked it and it is not working properly.

    I checked it in ios 6 and it works properly there.

    Any ideas?



    My screenshots are also from iOS 7



    So, you cannot replicate it? I just checked it again with iPad 4 and iPhone 5 using iOS 7, here are some screen shots:



    I tagged Kriesi in this post and I’m closing this topic for now. When he sees it he would open and answer

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