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    When I move content above the slider, it make the two arrow icons on either side of the image disappear, and all I see is a small ‘back’ arrow in the bottom right corner of all the slideshow images. How can I move elements above the slideshow in the template builder but not lose the navigation arrows?



    I can replicate what you describe, and indeed the entire structure of the slider is coded completely differently depending on whether its first or second in the template builder. This may possibly be a bug. Since the same slider code is so different based on position, almost unrecognizable, I would like to find out first if there is some reason for this, that I may not clearly see. Please hang in there for a day or so as the support team investigate this matter.





    I marked this Kriesi.

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    Hey! Actually this is intended behavior. Only if a slider is at the very top of the template builder can it be dispalyed at the maximum size. once it is placed somewere in between other elements it will be reduced to a slider adapting to the size (so it can aslso be used on pages with left/right sidebar)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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