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    Hi I have been using Avisio on a localhost to create a new website for our golf tour. I have now uploaded this to my online web space but slider portfolio and lightbox are not functioning. Is this a javascript issue? Assistance would be appreciated.

    website can be viewed here




    Lots of other functions not running and font is not the one selected. Is it possible to reinstall the theme over the top to see if it fix’s things?

    The site looks great on the localhost but looks like I have issues with the upload. This is my first wordpress site so a little unsure how to solve problems.



    It looks like a permissions issue. I have changed all files and folders in wp-content and wp-includes to chmod 755 and all is working. Is this a safe thing to do?


    Yes 755 is ok. 777 is a really dangerous game because everyone can modify your files afterwards. 755 means that you can modify files and other users and members can only read them.

    The Dude



    Just as a side note, if you’re using shared hosting and have permissions set at 777, if the server gets hacked (even through another users account) your files can be modified or deleted, and other files can be added.

    If you’re getting permissions problems when trying to install a plugin / upgrade WordPress, talk to your host.



    Thanks for the tip James. Nothing is set to 777 only 755 so I should be OK I hope.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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