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    The images are not loading for the accordian slider.

    Steps taken:

    images uploaded

    posts w/images created

    category chosen for slideshow

    checked for the jquery file


    Please advise and thank you!


    It looks like the image code isn’t being called correctly.

    Was the image uploaded before the theme was activated? If so, the image needs to be re-uploaded to allow WP to resize it correctly so it will display.

    Have you modified index.php at all?


    The images were uploaded after the theme was activated. It a completely new install.

    No modifications have been made.


    I figured it out. You must choose “Use As Featured Image” from the image uploader. I did not see this mentioned anywhere in the documentation. I had been embedding the images in the post but not choosing Use As Featured Image.


    Yes, you need to select the image as the Featured Image.. :)

    WordPress has modified this area in WP 2.9 and WP 3.0, so the documentation (B7) refers to Post Thumbnail (now called Featured Image) but they’re the same thing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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