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    I developed a website using the Coherence theme and we are have big issues with the Sliders.
    They show up but after 1 transition they stop working, manually or automatic. So after the first slide, you cannot proceed to the next one.

    This happens on both page sliders, on all pages, as well as the portfolio items.

    I have updated the theme to the latest version, but things still don’t work. Running WP 3.8
    Please note this is also happening to another website, using the Angular theme.


    Hey radugidei!

    Can you post the link to your both Coherence and Replete websites so we can take a look? Have you tried deactivating all active plugins to check if there is a culprit? If not, please do so


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    You are using Angular theme version 1.2. Please update it to the latest version 1.7
    and Coherence theme you are using is version 1.1, please update it to version 1.6
    Please update both theme via FTP http://vimeo.com/67209750



    You’re right, sorry for that. I had uploaded the updated version as a separate theme, but not activated it.
    The Coherence one works now, will test Angular later.

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the confusion.


    Don’t want to open another thread for this, but the slider text on Coherence has its contents go out of bounds (to the right) on Safari (Mac & PC).
    Is there an easy fix to that ?



    You are welcome! I’m marking this topic as resolved. Let us know if Angular does not work well.
    Have a nice weekend
    EDIT: Please add following code to Quick CSS in Coherence theme options under Styling tab

    .chrome .slideshow_inner_caption, .safari .slideshow_inner_caption {
    width: 81%;

    Best regards,

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