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    The sliders works well in chrome, and works well in IE9 when first load. But if hit refresh in IE9, the images will not show.

    I saw wesmands’s post which reported similar problem with this one, but no response. Please help!


    Hey starfar,

    Do you have a link to the site so we can see the issue live?


    I was the original poster of this issue. My site is and also and I am up to 20% of my visitors using IE 9 and i would guess I am losing many of them !!!



    I looked on your website in IE9.. and the slider works fine. I tried to refresh it many times and still the slider work fine. Maybe this has something to do with internet connection.




    Glad you can see it Ismael !! Still not working for me and I have refreshed the cache etc and looked on home and work internet connection. , I am guessing you are using IE9 in compatibility mode? I could get it to work before if I pressed the compatibility icon once or twice, but even that doesn’t work now that I have it set to emulate IE 7 as suggested in the parallel thread that I initiated. I just don’t think I can assume the user will use compatibility mode or know how to activate it.


    Hi wesmands,

    I’ve left a response in your main thread.

    @starfar, if you have a link to your site we can take a look at it and see if you are experience the same issues.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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