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    Hello, i have a cute lil pet that jumps around the page. It hides behind the slider in firefox and explorer. I contacted the developer and he said that i needed to increase the z-index on the pet or decrease the z-index on the slider. I have increased the pet z-index very large. But still not working. How do i lower the sliders z-index. i remember you telling me it was integrated into WordPress which makes it harder to find.


    Is there any way to change the timing between slides? I have a 40 sec video and 4 sec image slides.


    I’m sorry about the questions, but i have one more.

    In chrome the site is perfect. Its what i use 90% of the time.

    But otheres do use as much

    I looked at my site in all the other browsers, and in all the rest it is asking to download my video instead of playing. its a swf

    and in firefox and explorer the slider arrows are hidden behind the video.



    Can you give us a link to your website?




    I have this code, but i cant place it in a flash element. is there anyway to write some css, to make the code work dynamically with flash?

    Regarding the flash element. You might have to add this parameter to your flash object and make sure its z-index is set to 1.

    <param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”>


    Hello, when i do a speed report!/b1FAUzLr3/ i get a red error on my video. Its been like that for a few months but the video still plays so i haven’t done anything about it, but it may help



    Is this the embed code WordPress uses that powers the slider?


    I’m not sure if you fixed it or changed the slider, but I’m seeing the bird on top of all the elements without issue now:





    it doesn’t go behind the images slides. But on the swf video slide it does.

    Also in explorer it opens another page and gives an “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” error and the path is in the url


    Also in explorer it opens another page and gives an “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” error and the path is in the url

    I think the IE blocks it because of security reasons. It asked me if I want to permit popups and if I click yes another tab opens which plays the swf file and when I switch back to the first tab the video opens in the slider too:

    Maybe try to load it from the same domain. If it still doesn’t play afterwards you might want to remove the swf video because it probably irritates the users and make them suspicious…


    That fixed the IE problem with the video. IE is very picky. in chrome its all perfect.

    Is there any way to code the .swf files to <param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”> in WordPress?

    I was looking for the flash embed wordpress auto sets.

    Or set the Z-index on the flash embeds to 1


    The flash video is not embedded directly but it’s within an iframe. You can try to add this wmode transparent parameter if you have access to the iframe code/content:

    If not, you can only try to change the z-index of the iframe with:

    #top .slideshow li iframe, #top .slideshow li object, #top .slideshow li embed {
    z-index: 1;


    Where can i find the iframe code/content?

    Can i add code to the page slider?

    I added the above code to the custom theme css but it didnt work. Should i add it to a certain place?


    Dude is saying that if you knew where it was and could edit that effect’s iframe then you can add the wmode to it. Your best route at this point would be to contact the developer of the effect who should be able to point you in the correct direction pretty quickly.

    Flash interaction with zindex can be a bit unpredictable from my experience so if forcing it to the initial level isn’t working on your end I’m not really sure what else we can do.



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