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    Hey guys,

    After upgrading WordPress to 3.6 the sliders stopped working.

    I haven’t checked the rest of the site, but please solve this asap?

    Kind regards,


    Halfwind / polvetra.ru



    Yes, we plan to release the theme updates next week.




    Please could you add the ability to add a customised default theme (similar to default, archives ….)



    What do you mean by customized default theme?




    Page attributes > Template > Default Template / Archives / Post Timeline

    I have set the default template the way I want ( to have a right-hand sidebar) but I want to create another “default template” to be a full width page (I am creating a page with a calendar and I want to set the calendar to be full-width with no sidebar).


    @andrewrsa, you can do this in the template builder.

    And it would have been wiser if you started your own thread, as this one has nothing to do with templates :)

    Update: Ah, I see you already have. :)


    I’m going to close this topic for now as we’ll be pushing out updates this week and I don’t want it to get further derailed :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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