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    The slider just stopped to work!

    And I could not find out the reason!

    Could you please help me to check?



    maybe you installed a new plugin which causes a js conflict?


    I tried to deactivate all plugins, but it still stop working!



    Has the slider ever worked?

    If so, whatever has changed between then and now has likely resulted in a file not loading or a JS conflict (probably due to a plugin or custom modification). You could refer to one of your recent backups where the site was working to help you work out where the problem occured.



    It worked now.

    After I put “cufon” part back to functions.php.

    (I must stopped cufon for appearing Chinese title.)

    But I could not understand the connection between cufon and slider. @@



    very likely the cufon execution code in custom.js caused the js conflict and broke the slider too. You need to remove it if you remove the php/html part of cufon.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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