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    Hi Peter.

    The problem only occurs in Safari.

    I’m thinking I might just use something else instead of the slider.



    Alright. Would you please replace https with http for google maps? They start with this url or Are you inserting them directly or via a plugin? They are throwing 80 errors every time slider makes a complete turn …. just in case.




    Hi Nick.

    I removed the ‘s’ from all maps including the footer widget but still have the problem.

    I am inserting them directly.



    Hey Mark,

    The link is down for me though I’ve been reading a bit here and there that the new Safari has some issues so it may just need a once over by Kriesi if its specific to Safari 6.




    Down? Do you mean you can’t access the site?

    I am using Safari 5.1.7

    Regards, Mark.


    Hi Mark,

    I’ve updated some things as I wrote to you in the email, I was able to get rid of the dozens of Google map errors for now. Please hang on one more day and I apologize for the inconvenience.

    @devin is correct. Your site often is simply not available and neither are any of the other sites in your IP block.




    Hello Nick.

    Thought I would go back to the drawing board before you went to the trouble of making a custom slider.

    I am testing this out on

    I have now set up the front page via the template builder.

    ( I initially did not want to do this for SEO purposes but maybe it doesn’t make any difference? )

    Using the template builder has enabled me to use the theme slideshow for featured businesses.

    I like the look of it but would prefer if the buttons when clicked opened in a new window. _blank

    And just for your info did you know that if you select thumbnails it makes the page go a bit haywire.

    The real problem is that it doesn’t work responsively.

    In mobile view there is no text or link button on the featured businesses slideshow.

    I just seem to be having a real problem trying to sort this slider out.

    Still have the wobble with the content slider in Safari



    I think you should re-install your browser. I asked a friend with imac to look and she saw nothing wrong with slider. Are you using ios5 or 6? Because perhaps something installed incorrectly that’s causing this. In all browsers including Safari everything looks good from my end now.




    Shall do.


    Safari 5.1.7

    OS X 10.6.8



    That’s what I am using on Windows – Safari 5.17 (7534.57.2) , and this is the final release for Windows. Version 6.0 is out for Apple devices I believe.




    Hi Nick.

    Wobble problem solved at last!

    I am now running OSX 10.8.2 and Safari 6.0.2

    Had to install a new running system to install the new Safari.

    Must have been a bug in my version?

    Who knows who cares. Problem solved!

    Thanks very much for your persistence in this matter/

    Regards, Mark.

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)

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