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    Hi. Seem to have a slight abberation with the small slider on the home page of this site:

    Doesn’t happen on this site:



    Hello. This problem only seems to be on Safari. I don’t have IE? The slider makes the main content area wobble and it is not all that smooth.


    Could it somehow be how I did the cut and past of text?




    Checked your website on Safari and the slider doesn’t wobble or do anything weird. Let me tag the rest of the support team to check this out.




    Hi Ismael. Thank you. I reset Safari and I’m still getting the problem on this site: is fine?

    Very confusing.




    I looked through Chrome, IE9 and Safari (not latest), and to me all 3 look the same – nice!




    Thanks Nick.

    Might you have any idea why I am getting this ‘wobble’ on my browser?




    Would you record it please, and post it so we can see it? This app lets you record your screen and posts for you for free. Without seeing the issue, nor being able to reproduce it, it’s hard to say. Could be a combination of plugins or something else about your computer setup (old drivers. etc..)





    Do you have any plugin installed that may interfere with the slider?





    Yes, I see what you mean. Luckily, Kriesi just released an update – Choices 1.6 – which in part addresses ios6/Safari. I think installing the update is just what the doctor ordered!

    Please don’t forget that any changes made to the template files including custom.css and functions.php will get overwritten by the update unless you are using a child theme.

    If you made many customizations to the theme templates, i would suggest backing up the files and your database just to be on the safe side

    Please let us know how it went.




    How do I do that?



    Please go to Login using the same screen name you purchased this theme with. And you will automatically see every item you ever purchased, and if the item has been updated, you would see the new version number and download, just as you have done when you initially got the theme.

    Its a full theme, the update. So you delete the current one you use and put this one instead of the old one. That’s it. However if you made customizations (edited theme files), they will be gone.

    If you have Windows, you should download, its free and lets you comare any 2 files, or even every file between two directories. So you can compare the updated theme to the old version and instantly see line by line where you changed anything. And also start using child themes, so this way you will not have to do any of this when you update themes.

    I recently made a long post about child themes which pertains to any theme. You can read it here. (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) #post-81838




    Hi Nick.

    I have made copies of custom.css and functions.php

    Can I then simply replace the old choices folder ( within themes ) with the new one via FTP?

    I’m assuming all the work I have done so far will still be there?

    Sorry for the stupid questions.

    Haven’t done this before.



    No, if you upload the new files all your customizations will be lost. Thus I’d suggest to make a backup of the old choices theme folder first (eg rename choices to choices_bak) and upload the new folder. Then you can copy your custom.css file from choices_bak/css to choices/css and (if you modified any php files) you need to edit the new files again.



    May have made a few slight errors but think I’m nearly there.

    Uploaded the new theme but have a small problem.

    Had to upload the images again in the images folder. ( for sidebar images )

    Now if I edit the frontpage and save I get the main slider photo but no images in the sidebar.

    Then if I go to widgets and save again, the images in the sidebar appear and I lose the main slider photo.

    The initial problem ( slider being wobbly ) is gone when the sidebar images are in place but is still there when they are gone.

    If this is any help to you.


    This is with the Warrnambool site.



    Do you have a backup of the database? because if you revert to the old copy, and put back the previous version of the theme, you should not de-activate the theme or delete it in WordPress. If you go directly via ftp and delete it there, and add the new version, WordPress doesn’t do anything drastic like what you are describing.

    If you have no backup, you will have to unfortunately upload the images all over again. For future please install a free DropBox backup plugin, that will automatically make a backup of your entire site every few days and upload it to free storage at dropbox.




    All the images are fine Nick.

    The only problem is, it’s one or the other.

    Very confusing.

    I either have the side bar images and no main header or vica versa.

    Thanks for the tip on the DropBox.

    What I did was delete the old folder by FTP but then I added the new one in WP.

    Everything is where it should be and the wobble problem seems to be fixed but I can’t get the main slider photo and sidebar photos to appear at the same time????



    For future reference, do everything in FTP, including uploading the theme (a) you will have less problems because if one of the files only partially goes through you will see that in ftp while you won’t see that installing from wordpress (b) wordpress will not realize that the theme was updated until you log in as admin , and then since it instantly finds the update, it does nothing on its own. I removed the ability to edit code, update, delete or install plugins on my sites – it’s nothing but a huge security hole, since if a script kid breaks my password, he won’t be able to easily get my sql server password nor be able to install anything and take control. He would just be able to delete pages & posts (something i would easily notice), but won’t be able to inject anything i don’t want into the code to redirect traffic , steal clicks, or add malware to visitors, which is much harder to detect by the admin.

    Have you tried creating a new page and adding a new slider with new images you uploaded and creating a new sidebar? You can first delete the sidebar you are using (if its custom, just make sure you pull off the widgets it contains prior to deletion), and create a new one. I am unable to replicate this event.




    Thank you Nick.

    That worked.

    All images are back now.

    But so is that bloody wobble!

    Think I’ll give up.

    Regards, Mark.

    PS: Might it be something I have done?

    I could give you my WP details if you think that might work??



    Alright I will take a quick look. My email is usjahm (aatttt) gmail (ddooott) com (don’t want it harvested by a bot, :)

    I would need a temp admin wordpress account, and ftp account, since i prefer not disturbing wordpress as much as i can.




    Hi Nick.

    Threw this page together and the slider works perfectly in Safari.

    Must be something I done?



    After doing support for way too long, I no longer ask that question, because learning the answer will in no way help you overcome the next time things go wrong. WordPress is a complicated piece of software built by hundreds of people with varying skill levels and when you introduce plugins and themes and updates, the best thing to do is get back on track as quickly as possible instead of getting bogged down trying to understand. In a few hours someone will release some update, and that understanding will be nothing but dust.

    Its the reason why some people hit their computer – because once in awhile it actually does fix the problem! :)

    Good going, now you back on track.

    Thank you for your patience.



    So sorry Nick.

    When I added an image to the main slider at the top the wobble came back.

    The image is 990/400

    Must be something to do with this????


    Just a thought. The slide movement seems to be the cause of the wobble. Is it very difficult to change from slide to fade?



    I saw your email and will be taking care of this today, no worries.




    Hi Nick.

    Just wondering what the latest is.



    Hey Mark,

    I’ve flagged the topic for Nick to see if he has been able to resolve the issue.




    Hi Mark,

    Sorry for the delay. I misunderstood and thought everything got solved. I just looked with every browser but all looks fine. I remember before you had some wild jumps, but now everything is calm as a baby pool. I will look right now at your Admin pages, just to see if maybe its something obvious in the settings




    I’m still getting the wobble Nick. I think perhaps I have a faulty browser?




    Did you try other browsers (Safari, Chrome, IE9/10, etc.)?



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