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    Hi – I would need a little help with picture sizes for the frontpage slider.
    I am using a slider for 2/3 width of the page, and would like the images to fill a certain space completely; i.e. the height of the images needs to stay constant.
    I understand that any picture here is scaled down by width. The proportion that I’d like to see is about width = 2.4x height. I’ve experimented with different dimensions, but I find that some pictures are reduced in height; others expand and change the alignment of the entire page. I’ve tried numerous pictures with similar pixel-ratios/ dimensions, and I find the resulting behavior erratic.
    I would like to know (a) what are the optimal pixel sizes for a 2/3 slider for individual pictures, and (b) is there a way to fix the display height for all pictures, independent of the actual individual picture dimension?
    Thank you;


    Hi harry108!

    I believe that is just the fullsize image size (as set in the functions.php) which is 990×400 pixels. With a sidebar it should be getting scaled to 610px wide but use the same image.

    That size is also set not crop so it will constrain the images longest edge to fit the longest edge of the defined thumbnail size. In this case either 990 or 400 but most likely 990 if you are using somewhat large images.

    I’m not sure if that answers your question since there isn’t really a defined size for the sidebar layout image size.



    Thanks, Devin;

    I am not sure if that’s the answer I am after, either, but I’ll experiment some more with that information. It’s not about sidebar, but what you said should apply to the main page as well?
    Thank you,


    I only mention the sidebar because including it in the layout is what changes the slider to not be the full width of the content area. The image use should be the same.

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