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    Just wondering what the ideal height for photos should be so there is no up and down movement as the sliders revolve.

    Also I have a video in one of the sliders and I need to know how to make the slider stop once the video is clicked.

    And I would like to place a You Tube video in the sidebar. Can you suggest a good plugin?




    If you want your site just like the demo, the suggested image size is 990x400px.

    Did you try opening the video through lightbox? You can do this by toggling the option “Apply link to image”, select Open Lightbox.

    For the sidebar video, you can go to Appearance > Widget and add a Text widget then supply the embed code with the proper width and height. :)




    Thanks Ismael.

    Also, on the Choices Template Builder for the Frontpage I have selected right sidebar for the page layout but it is still appearing full width?

    On a page I have called Home in the layout box I have selected Frontpage.


    Hi marko7,

    In your Home page, try to change the layout from Frontpage to Left Sidebar.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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