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    In the Angular theme -latest version- I have only the options autorotation active and duration, not the options fade or move. I can see in avia.js the move slider should be there as well (now I only have fade). How can I activate them in the administration back-end?


    Hey ontwerpcentrum!

    Edit includes > admin > register-admin-metabox.php, find this code:

    		"name" 	=> "Which Slideshow do you want to use?",
    		"desc" 	=> "Choose one of the available slideshow types here. The default Slideshow is a basic fade slider." ,
    		"id" 	=> "_slideshow_type",
    		"type" 	=> "select",
    		"std" 	=> "fade_slider",
    		"slug"  => "slideshow_meta",
    		"class" => "av_2columns av_col_1",
    		"no_first" => true,
    		"subtype" => array('Fade Slider'=>'fade_slider', 'Moving Slider'=>'move_slider' ,'Aviapoly Slider'=>'aviapoly')),
    		"name" 	=> "Slideshow Size on single entries?",
    		"desc" 	=> "Display the slideshow fixed fullwidth or should it adjust to the page layout (eg smaller on pages with sidebar)" ,
    		"id" 	=> "_slideshow_position",
    		"type" 	=> "select",
    		"std" 	=> "small",
    		"slug"  => "slideshow_meta",
    		"class" => "av_2columns av_col_2",
    		"no_first" => true,
    		"subtype" => array('Full Width Slider'=>'big', 'Adjustable Slider'=>'small')),

    Remove the /* at the start and the */ at the end of the code. I’m not sure why Kriesi removed it. There might be a conflict on the script or something.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Ismael!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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