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    how do i create optimally displayed slides for the homepage slider?

    on my site dev dot fueldoctorusa dot com

    the pictures get pixelated and fuzzy. you can see it clearly on the red CLICK HERE buttons in the bottom right corners.

    whats the optimal quality, format, etc of the images to upload? I am using Photoshop, saving for web…



    The images should have a size of 940px width and 420 px height. (920×420) – they’re resized to this size automatically though (but can be pixelated, etc.)


    They were uploaded at 940X420px, is there a reason they are getting pixelated?

    Should I only be using web colors? Or a gif/png instead of a jpg? DPI? I dont understand why there is so much noise/artifacts on the pictures. They look amazing as PSDs…


    Maybe the image libary which is used by wordpress and timthumb (gd image libary) is configured to produce bad quality. Normally the theme itself compresses images with its own parameters, if an image has the right size it doesn’t compress anything. I must admit that we hadn’t problems with the image quality before.


    Also, for some reason (only in firefox), the slider images get cut off on the right side. Internet explorer, chrome, (and I assuming safari) appear ok:

    Cropped in firefox: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5079331/screenshots/firefox.JPG

    Perfect in IE: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5079331/screenshots/ie.JPG


    Hi, schindyguy,

    I love this theme. Just love it. I am having the same cropping problem in Firefox, though. — https://kriesi.at/support/topic/cu3er-images-cropped

    Probably a CSS issue, right?

    I am sure it will be resolved at some point. At least I hope so, because I very much want to use that Cu3er slideshow on the front page. It really grabs you, doesn’t it?

    It’s one of the main reasons I bought Display.

    — Art


    Just noticed the label: “This topic is resolved.” Is it? Is there a solution to the problem?

    In Firefox, I see it is a problem on this site, too – http://website.education.wisc.edu/pmmiller2/

    But NOT here – http://titanictheexperience.com/. And not here, either — http://eddieebeling.com/

    I wonder if the sites that are not having this problem are creating the XML by hand…




    > creating the XML by hand…

    No, that does not seem to make a difference.


    – Art


    Its not resolved


    Maybe someone over at Theme Forest has had this problem. I will take a look.

    — Art


    No joy at Theme Forest.

    Sent an email to Kriesi last night (local time in South Carolina, USA).

    On the Theme Forest page for the theme, it says this: “COMPATIBLE BROWSERS FireFox 2, FireFox 3, IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari.”

    My problem is in Firefox, so I am hoping to hear something pretty soon.

    It’s a wonderful theme, but this Cu3er thing is kind of frustrating.

    — Art


    I’m sure Kriesi can help you with your Cu3er problem. I must admit it”s a strange error – only a handful of people have a problem with cu3er.


    Thank you, Dude.

    Yes, I never expected to have a problem in Firefox. IE, sure…


    — Art




    Here’s another one:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    A little feedback would be appreciated.


    Hey guys, Ive checked some of the links/images provided here and those I did check suffered from the same problem: instead of beeing 940 x 420px in size they are 960 x 420. Thats why many of those images are cut off.

    I did a quick check on the current documentation and it also states 940, and so does the slideshow manager in the backend. As many of you seem to use the wrong size I guess I’ve made a typo anywhere in the documentation, would be glad if you could tell me where this error is.

    The solution for the problems of course are simple: optimize the images for 940 x 420 and they should display fine.

    Sorry for the problems and the delay!


    Thank you for your response.

    However… My images ARE 940 x 420 and they get cropped in CU3ER, Kriesi. This one, for example – http://carolinaelearning.com/ahs/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/studyabroadaugust2010.png (940px wide, 420 px high, right?)

    No cropping when I use the JQuery slide show:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And yet, it’s cropped in CU3ER:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    What do you advise?


    Hm, since I cannot reproduce the behaviour please activate the cu3er slider so I can check it with a debugging tool, mayb I can find an error with firebug. To find the problem however I need the flash slider to be active ;)


    OK, I have activated the cu3er slider.


    — Art


    try the following:

    in your style.css file search for:

    #featured object {

    and remove it.

    Then search for

    #featured, #featured:focus {
    outline:medium none;

    and change it to

    #featured, #featured:focus {
    outline:medium none;
    padding:0 10px;

    It did work when i used firebug to manipulate it localy, should therefore also work if you change it on your server.


    Yep. That did the trick. :-)

    Thank you so much, Kriesi!

    — Art

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