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    For the Sentence theme we have it set to show one of the pages as the Frontpage. When we do this we added 3 images to the page, but nothing appears for the image slider, but if you look at the page directly the page dispalys with a slider. Please let us know what to do to adjust it so that the slide show images can appear on the page we designate as the front page. Thanks.

    Site example:http:// .com /

    Direct link that shows it working: http:// .com /transportation/



    Try to build a template on the Template Builder, add the the Slideshow and the Post/Page Content elements.




    On this theme there is not a Template Builder option. It is version 1.5 of the theme. What are our options?


    you have to set the page with the slider as “homepage/frontpage” in the theme options panel.


    I am not seeing this. Installed a new site with the theme to see what would happen, and bascially it did the same thing. In this case I made the sample page the Frontpage. When you view it as the front page, it doesn’t show the slider, but when you see the page not as the front page the slider works fine. What code can be used to show the slider on a page when it is choosen as the Frontpage?


    you tried to change your settings in wordpress backend ? settings/readings ?


    or you can try this …

    use this page for home page:



    then go to appeareance > menus > and change the displayed name for transportation > to HOME



    Try to use the wordpress static frontpage setting – go to Settings > Reading and select your “slider page” as static frontpage.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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