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    Thank you for the forum it has been very helpful.

    We are trying to have the home page static, with the slider on it and have a separate posts page. When we follow the code changes in this post. it works IF we have “your latest posts” set in the reading settings menu. However, the posts page (“This Week”) is blank.

    Without the code changes the slider is on the top of the posts, as it should be even if the static page is selected for the front (home) page.

    Following the resolution of this we will then like to assign Pages, to the slider.

    We just uploaded the theme in the past few days, and we are running the latest WP.



    the only chance you have is to create a page teplate based on index.php. Strip the slider code and add following code at the very top after <?php:

    Template Name: Blog

    Then select this template on your “blog” page.


    Sorry but I just need a little more guidance.





    // check if slideshow should be displayed?

    if($k_option != 'none') :




    Template Name: Blog


    “Then select this template on your “blog” page.” I expect I should understand this but I do not.

    Thanks again I appreciate it.



    Download this file: then upload into the theme content folder. This creates a new Blog page (exactly the same as the homepage but without the slider), which you can select to add to a page by selecting the “Blog” template from the meta box on the right side of the page editing section of WP Admin.



    Thank you James,

    First let me say, this is above and beyond and was not expected. The theme was a good price, your support is priceless.

    So I made a post called “This Week” (our intent is to promote one or two community activities each week) That is now a “posts page” (regardless of what I put in the text box, it displays posts that works fine for us)

    When I preview this page I see a “page” with all the posts on it. No slider, and no text displayed if added, this is good.

    Then in the WP Settings/Reading Settings I select for Front page displays, “A static page” for the front page, I select “test home” for the posts page I select “This Week”

    When viewing the site, the front page has no slider, the new “This Week” page, a page assigned the “Blog” template, shows the slider. The intent was to get the slider on the static, home page.

    How do I do that?

    Also we have been working on a alternative plan, we would rather not use it but I would like to note it here for others if they needed it. The intent was to have a static front page with the incredible slider built into Newscast at the top. The posts would be on a side page. We added the following to the index.php file located in the Newscast theme folder.


    ` // ############################# FULL SIZED POSTS #############################

    if ($fullsized > 0) :</p>

    <p> $preview_image = kriesi_post_thumb($post->ID, array('size'=> array('M'),

    'display_link' => '_prev_image_link',

    'linkurl' => array ('L','_preview_big'),

    'wh' => $k_option


    <p> ?>


    <?php if (is_home()) { ?>

    <div class=post>

    <h2>Your title here</h2>

    <p>your text graphics and calls to other items here. HTML is ok, css style is ok to use, cgi scripts, and java work too.<p>


    <?php } ?>

    Then set the post format 1 or 2 across in Newscast options, and number of posts in WP read options. They will be under your fixed text and graphics. Again not the way we wanted to do it but it may help someone else.

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