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    I thought I’d fixed the problem with the slider after the WP 3.3 update. I deactivated Jetpack and thought that resolved it but it didn’t.

    The weird thing is, the slider works from the frontpage but not from Home, even though these are actually the same page.

    Any ideas?


    OK, weird things going on.

    My blog won’t show the extracts with the images. It shows the whole post.

    So frustrating – especially when there’s no reply :(


    Hi SuellenH,

    Apologies for the delay in responding. We had a significant number of support requests come through these past couple of weeks so we’re still working at clearing our queu.

    Did you resolve your issues already? Reason I ask is I visited your website and found the slider working (or what I took as working) and the Blog showing excerpts. If not, let us know what the exact issue with the slider is and we’ll try to help.

    Also, just my suggestion mind you but you should check your settings for the frontpage. The link “Home” is points to the page /welcome/ when it should actually point to just http://thekickstartbiz.com. I think that can be corrected within Appearance > Menus or Corona > Theme Options. I mention that for SEO purposes.




    Hi Mya,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I resolved the slider issue – I think it was JetPack causing a problem ?

    The blog issue is not resolved.

    I ended up finding a thread in here about changing the loop-index.php which I remembered I’d done previously but obviously when I updated I lost that change.

    I added it back in and the excerpts now show. However, now I can’t read the full posts! I can only see the excerpts, even when I click on the full post :(

    I saw that if I ad <…more…> to each post then it shows an excerpt but I have many posts and don’t want to have to go into each one to add that in. If you can help me with this I’d be very pleased.

    I fixed the home page link too – thanks :)



    The reason the excerpt shows is because loop-index.php is the template for the Blog page as well as the individual posts. Now ordinarily we’d suggest you use the <…more…> but since you said you had a lot of posts we’ll try this.

    1) Save a copy of loop-index.php as loop-single.php in the same includes folder.

    2) Now open loop-single.php and the “the_excerpt” line you added to this:

    the_content(__('Read more &rarr;','avia_framework'));

    3) Now open single.php in the theme’s root directory and change this line

    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'index' );

    to this

    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'single' );

    What that should do is leave the Blog’s main page as excerpts and the single pages as full posts. Mind you any future updates will override this customization.

    Hope this helps!




    Hi Mya,

    That’s great – thanks.

    Is there a Child Theme for Corona?




    No, currently Corona doesn’t offer a prebuild child theme. However it’s pretty easy to add one: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

    Best regards,



    I’m still having problems with the slider on my homepage when I activate Jetpack. When Jetpack is active, the slider doesn’t show, loading symbol just spins around. If I deactivate Jetpack it works fine. I would like to have Jetpack active so that I can use the WP iPad app.

    Any ideas?


    Hi SueEllen,

    Unfortunately, use of plugins can be a hit or miss. I’ll tag the rest of the support team to see if they’ve had any experience with JetPack and the slider.





    The only suggestion I have is to check the Firebug console for js error messages. Probably Jetpack triggers a js conflict.

    Best regards,


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