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    Hey gang,

    So on this site:, I have added 3 pictures (home page slider) but it will only slide until the 2nd and gets “stuck”. I tried deleting pictures.. adding again.. etc but it gets “caught” somehow. I haven’t experienced this on other sites I’ve created using the theme.

    You all are the best! I appreciate the feedback and help!



    Hey Mike,

    I’m getting a bunch of errors when viewing the site under Chrome developer tools. My guess is a plugin is causing a conflict with the themes code.

    Try disabling all active plugins and then see if the issue is resolved. You can re-activate them one by one after to see which one is causing the issue.

    You should also download version 1.3 of Flagship from you downloads on Themeforest and install the updated theme files. You can install the update in the same way you first installed the theme. If you have made any changes to the theme files, make sure to back those up so you can re-apply them afterwards.





    Thank you for the reply! I went out of town or I would have replied sooner. I will work on this and see what I can discover.

    As always… thank you for your help!




    It wasn’t any of the plugins but it appeared to be the “Shelfari script” on a widget item to display books from Amazon. I just simply removed that and “kaboom”, it worked!

    Appreciate it!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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