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    I put a slider image in for my blog page here:

    But nothing shows. How can I show a general image for the overall page like the other pages?

    Thank you



    Try to use the Template Builder. Create a new template called Blog then insert the Slider and the Blog element. Apply the newly created template on your Blog page.




    Sorry that did not work.

    I created a blog template put in the slide element, added the image and nothing showed up.

    Any more ideas?

    thank you


    Hi Alice,

    Ismael is correct. The video I made below illustrates the process.

    You are using the blog template which is not correct if you want to have a slider show up at the top of the blog.

    Please watch since its easier than explaining it. ->

    Please let us know if it worked out for you, and don’t forget to change Settings > Writings (not media, i made a mistake in the video) to *not define a blog* on that page.




    THANK YOU!!!!!

    Your directions are excellent.

    I was doing all the right steps, but I just renamed the original blog page rather than creating a new one. And, I needed to change the setting as you show.

    One other question. My setting is: adjustable slide, But it did not take. It went to the full size width one. Is it possible to use this in the smaller setting?



    I think there are a number of factors involved here , including whether the slider is the very first or second item in the template ( i think one of them must be the very first), also there is an option to make a ‘dead end page’ which is not linked from anywhere, and on that page create any slider you want and then bring it into the template instead of using slider on the same page.

    Also the presence of sidebars i believe also has some role to play. I am sorry there are 40 themes constantly being updated, its hard to keep up the rules for each one, but I suggest you follow the guidelines I just wrote and in 5 minutes you will know exactly how to evoke each of the three sliders.

    Good luck. I will be making more tutorial videos, was there anything else that you think would be a beneficial topic?




    Thank you for all your support. You all are great!

    I have the slideshow set first in the dynamic template. Yes I agree the sidebar must play a part. I am going to see if I can put a adjustable size slider in another page and that will tell me whether or not it just does not work in this theme. IF not I go with the full size :-)

    It might be good to demo how to do the dead end page and bring it into the template. I will attempt that but not exactly sure how yet. Will let you know what works or what doesn’t.


    Tried creating a ‘dead end page’ which is not linked from anywhere, and on that page create any slider you want and then bring it into the template instead of using slider on the same page.

    I chose the element page/posting and inserted it first, but still no smaller slider. Only the full width. That’s ok, I will go with it. If you find some other way, let me know.



    I see a problem with your site. If you make the screen size of your browser as small as an ipad or mobile phone the text doesn’t wrap.

    Please look at the css you are using in your Quick CSS in the theme backend and see if you can find something that looks like:

    .container .six.units {
    width: 620px;

    and change it to

    .container .six.units {
    width: 100%;

    If 100% is too much text for you , you can lower it, but by using % and not pixels, since otherwise on smaller screen sizes things don’t work out so well.

    If you are unable to find it, just paste it at the very bottom of quick css or add it to custom.css so that it will override the previous code.




    Thank you Nick for your outstanding assistance!!!


    Glad Nick could help :)

    Let us know if you have any other issues or questions, I’ll close this topic for now.



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