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    I made a few little modifications and changed the slider image size as well.. now my image is not centered. The controls are in the right place, but my image is not centered.. any suggestions?? Look here:



    Hi sfranks12,

    Try changing line 317 in your style.css file to:

    #featured OBJECT {
    padding-left: 50px;

    So that the left padding is increased to center the flash container.




    I needs to go over a little more, but with your code above as well as increasing the padding it is cutting off the right side of my image. how can I fix it so it does not cut off the right side?? Thanks for your help…


    I’m not getting any cut off of the image with the increased padding. The image is getting spit out inside the flash content so there isn’t anything from the css that would or could actually cut off anything within its conent.


    It looks like the flash is not centered. So when I pad the image it just pushes it over and cuts off the other end. Is there a way to center the flash app it is running in??



    I think I’m missing something but when I check the site the slider is centered just fine.




    The image is centered if you look closely, the left side up to the solid part is larder than the left side where the 1 and 0’s are… would you like me to do a screen shot and point it out? If you look before the image loads when the flash icon is loading you will notice that it is not centered…



    You are right, it is 13 pixels off center and needs to be moved right. Very sharp eyes

    Please play around with this value, that used to be 50px and see how it looks as 63 or any other number for that matter.

    #top #featured OBJECT {
    padding-left: 63px !important;

    Just add the above code to your /css/style1.css file, at the end of the file.

    Also the latest version of the theme is 2.03 while you are at 2.0 and you may want to update at




    Will try that, but I think the problem lies in the flash plugin positioning not the image itself… any ideas on how to move that??

    Also, I downloaded the latest version of Display.. since I do not want to do a completed update, made changes in a couple of files.. I looked at the change log, all I really need to do it update the files that where updated, correct??




    The way I update anything, is by uising free app . i compare the folder which has my current theme files to the folder with has the update theme files, and winmerge shows me side by side every file that has something different, even one character, and then i decide whether to click a button to merge that portion of the page from the new to the old or not. This also helps me if I made modifications to my theme files, so this way I don’t accidently overwrite them, take a few minutes but I got peace of mind knowing exactly what went in and what’s there.


    Until you try the above code, you are only guessing at what it actually does (moves the position of the flash plugin). Isn’t that what you wanted?




    Thanks for the tip with winmerge… downloaded it and will do you as you mentioned. I did add that code, and that is what I posted earlier, the right side of teh image is getting cut off… The flash object is still off centered. Is there some place else that gives the object it’s position?

    I really appreciate you help with this. Right now it is not a major problem. I am doing other things to the side, like adding content and the likes. But is will become one once I reach the going live point. But still have time to try whatever you tell me…

    Thanks again…



    Please take a look

    The green line bisects the page equally the red line bisects the flash equally. The code I gave you was to fix the 258/240 discrepancy. You can try adding a space at the end of each line in flash to fix the 8 pixel discrepancy within the flash.




    OK.. tracked the problem down.. in Internet Explorer it shows up just fine, in Firefox it does not. I use Firefox all the time that is why I kept saying it was off.. I cleared all cache and history but it still shows up wrong.. what can I do or should I look at?? Sorry I did not realize this earlier.. But any help would be great…

    I am using Firefox version: 20.0.1



    I was using Chrome, and difference between it and firefox is that 63pixels are cut off just on the right side. which strangely enough is what the padding is, 63 pixels.

    Also I see now an error on the page ..( Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) ) . .. this file is not being found,…

    i took out the css, and now looks like

    Fix that missing flash file, perhaps that will do the trick.




    I looked on cu3er site for WordPress and the plugin they reference version .75 says it has not been tested with wp3.51 which version are you using? Maybe if I just update the file that would fix it. Also, I was thinking, I might try using the XML file. But I can not find you post on how to use the XML file and where to find the XML…

    Your thoughts??



    My thoughts would be to use a different slider. The beauty of WordPress is in its ability to extend via plugins, and there are some really nice slider plugins out there. Layerslider or Parallax slider. Because I never seen an error such as this and Kriesi is on holiday this week for the first time in a year, so if you want an honest answer, go look at those two sliders i mentioned, they are on codecanyon and see if its worth your time to figure this puzzle out or to move forward.




    Thanks for the info.. but I will hang with this for now.. I have other things I have to do on the site right now, the slider issue is not on the top of it. Maybe when Kriesi gets back he might be able to shed a new light on it. I will also keep looking into it when I feel like digging into it more..

    Thanks again for your input..



    I will show this issue to the other team members who may have more insight. And Kriesi, when he returns would know ofcourse.




    Thanks Nick..



    Can you point me in the direction of where Kriesi shows how to edit the config.xml for the frontpage slider?? Just wanted to look at it and maybe try some things while in the waiting mode.




    I am not sure. Kriesi will be back on Monday. The only forum posts i could find mentioning config file and display theme are here search results

    It seems like an extra slice is created somehow, can you post your xml file on




    I was not using the XML earlier… I did just set it up to use the XML file, but still the same outcome.. Will wait until Kriesi gets back I guess… Not an issue now… Thanks..


    Certainly. Thanks.


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