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    I am fairly new to wordpress, but familar w/ HTML/CSS, etc…

    Can you give me some instructions on how to replace the existing photos with new ones?

    either thru the wordpress console or replacing it within the php file code? I try to search thru the zip folder to FTP the changes, but could not find the any of the pictures such as kretyen11-940×440 (one of them)

    Does the function of the smaller pic on the bottom of the slider automatic or needs to be configured as well? (meaning once you are able to load new pics)





    go to your wordpress admin panel and click on “Slider Entries” – you’ll see a list of all images/slider entries. Click on “edit” and the post editor page will appear where you can change the image on the right side (featured image option).


    I was able to add some pics to the slider as you suggested. However, when the pics were 350×250 pix which is much smaller than the theme’s original size 940×440 pix, it would auto make 2 slide, one which is the stretch out version, another is the tile version with 6 pic total. the transition of the 2 seems to be out of synch as well. Can you give me some tips?(I can live with having one or the other for now)

    The other issue I have is when I created a new page, I use the template for 4 column sortable, but there is no where on the page that I can edit or replace those pics. see

    there is two area thumbnail overwrite option (add image) and fullsize pic for lightbox, in the page editor, but nothing happens when I add pic to those area.. maybe I am not using the lightbox plug in correctly to replace the image. Please help!!



    Glad you figured out how to update the pics. I’d recommend using an image size of at least 940px by 440px for the slides in order to ensure that they display correctly.

    Is this other page for a Portfolio page? The site doesn’t seem to be loading at the moment. If so, you can update your Portfolio entries in WP Admin > Portfolio, remove the Featured Image (in the right column of the edit screen) and replace it with your own image.



    I am still stuck on the last issue… I will re-ask it, and add to it.

    when I created a new page, by WP Admin >_portfolio 4 column sortable, I use the template for 4 column sortable, but there is no where on the page that I can edit or replace those pics. see

    I assumed that since I want that format, I would use that as my template.

    How do I replace the pictures?



    the portfolio overview page (4 column sortable) just shows the portfolio items of a certain category (or all categories) you created under “Portfolio items” in your admin menu. Go to Portfolio items and select “edit” for one or more entries in the list. Then replace the featured images which are assigned to them.


    when I open the different portfolio items under the portfolio tab, I was able to configure the different components, such as youtube video preview, kriesi. at etc.. . and it will configure them for example under the non sortable 2 column portfolio or the sortable 4 column portfolio page.

    But, what if instead of the different component, I just want to 4 images/item of (enter a title here- portfolio item) on the same page, so when I open the page, instead having different portfolio items, to have the same item but of different image?

    How do I change it? if I create a new page, I can only add image, I can’t see a place where I can customize different type of portfolio items to a page.

    Here is the page link, look at “enter a title here” on that page, I want that but different images replacing the other portfolio items, if there is a way to do it, or send me a template that would be great.

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