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    According to the documentation, the newslist slider requires a 700×320 image…which is fine, per http://www.patientadvocates.com

    however the large preview and small preview image (thumbnails) chop a portion of the featured image which may not be what I want to display in the post http://patientadvocates.com/?p=118 for example a piece of the featured image is the thumbnail for the post.

    …can the featured image be scaled or even replaced with another image when the user pulls up the related post.

    Any help appreciated, thank you.



    I think the only workaround that I have learned has been to crop the images the way you want them to look on a program like photoshop and then upload them yourself to the wp-content/upload folder. I wish there was another solution, but it looks like this might be the only way.


    @hubbabubba…thanks, I just noticed that the wp-content/upload folder contained generated thumbnails…I wish there was another solution as well. I do appreciate the response though.


    Images are cropped by WordPress according to the sizes set in function.php – where the image is cropped is something beyond our control. As @hubbabubba said, you can manipulate the image using Photoshop or similar software then upload the image.


    I started using replacing the image as suggested by @hubbabubba/@cwolff. It’s laborious thought and it would sure be nice if there could be an easier way.


    This is truly limiting. Especially if you are a photgrapher. Rarly do yo uwant the subject at the center of the image. Is there anyway around this?



    This is a WordPress limitation not a theme limitation.

    So sorry, there’s nothing we can do about this. As I said, images may need editing before uploading to your site.

    Best regards,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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