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    I have set my slider to “Fullsize Aviaslider” and uploaded images which are smaller than 930px (slider width). When the slider fades from one image to another there is a delay in the adaptation of the width, which makes it show the same image twice. Is there any way of not making it adapt the width? or any other solution to stop it doing this?

    div name is: class="autoslide_true autoslidedelay__3 slideshow_featured aviaslider_full block_width__full block_height__full transition_type__ direction__ slideshow_container"



    I’d upload images with a width of at least 930px – otherwise the slider javascript “streches” the images. However you can try following css code to resize the images before the slider displays them:

    .slideshow_featured.aviaslider_full img{
    width: 930px !important;


    Didn’t work. I tried the following too but no luck. I see it shows a repeated image for a fraction and then stretches it. Unfortunately I don’t have larger images so it’s my only option. Any other ideas?

    Thank you.

    .autoslide_true.autoslidedelay__3.slideshow_featured.aviaslider_full.block_width__full.block_height__full.transition_type__.direction__.slideshow_container img {
    width: 930px !important;




    No, I think you need to upscale your images and upload a bigger version of them.

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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