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    I like how the slider looks and acts when it is the top element on my homepage (no gray on mouse over & slider arrows in the middle of the left and right side)… however, when I add elements above the slider on my homepage the actions of the slider change (gray on mouse over and the slider buttons are in the bottom right). Help please. http://www.BestMilitaryDefense.com



    I visited the site and the arrows are in the middle of the right and left side.




    Because I put the slider as the top element again. I have now changed it so there is an element on top and it is malfunctioning as described above. Please check back and let me know.


    Hi acherkasky,

    I believe you can change the sliders settings on that page under Slideshow Options. Going from the Fade Slider to Aviapoly/Moving Slider should effect the output when in the layout you have with the dynamic template.

    Also try changing the Slideshow Layout from Adjust to page layout to Full Width layout in the dropdown right next to the Slideshow dropdown.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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