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    Love the theme. The questions I have are about a client site:

    Is there a way for me to reduce the height of the slider? The customer is requesting that less of the home page be taken up with the main image slider.

    Also, is there a way to create a rounded corner look for the main content area when using a background image? If you visit the link above, you’ll see what I mean. The client feels the white box is too abrupt.




    1) Yes, you can reduce the slideshow/image size by adjusting the thumbnail size definitions in functions.php – search for following line and adjust the height value:

    $avia_config['imgSize']['featured'] 		 	= array('width'=>930, 'height'=>340);						// images for fullsize pages and fullsize slider

    Afterwards regenerate the thumbnails with

    2) Tbh I’m not sure where you’d like to display the rounded corners because the header + footer area cover the whole website width and the content area is transparent…


    Thank You! I have adjusted the slider and regenerated the thumbnails. Everything works.

    With regards to the round corners, I can understand your confusion. I should have stopped experimenting with the site until I heard back from you.

    If you take another look, you’ll see what I mean. The layout is boxed now, and I’d like round corners on the box at the top and bottom.

    Thanks again for the help!



    Try following css code – you can add itto css/custom.css:

    border-radius: 5px 5px 0 0;

    .boxed #wrap_all{
    border-radius: 5px;

    #socket {
    border-radius: 0 0 5px 5px;

    You can replace all 5px values with any other (postive) px value.



    I’ve tried adding the code to css/custom.css for the main theme and also by adding the custom.css to my child theme, but I’m still not getting the round corner effect on the boxed layout.

    I’m using a child theme, is there somewhere else I should be placing the code?




    Hey Tom,

    I don’t see the css in your themes child style.css but that is where i would suggest adding it if you are going the child theme route.




    The code worked in the child theme. Thanks again to both of you!

    I’m sure I’ll have more questions down the road.




    Hi Tom,

    Glad that Peter and Devin helped you. :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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