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    Hey there,

    my site is

    I got a slider on my main page and i did nothing else than adding a caption to the pictures. From that moment on, the height of my slider changed (it got smaller!) and i can´t solve that problem on my own. If you click on the picture, you can see the original picture width and height.

    Could you help me with that? Thx a lot!


    Hey FlorianEffelsberg!

    It looks fine on my end. Maybe it was something temporary?
    Only issue i see is that greyscale images cannot be found
    You can try re-uploading your images in Media Library and it should work.

    Best regards,


    Unfortunately, it did not change, i just changed my start page, sry for that!!

    Could you check that maybe? EVERY new slider i create looks like that, although the pictures have more height (click on the picture to see the original size :) )

    Edit: Maybe that information could help:

    1. If I add a new picture to my main page-slideshow, the same effect appears, the other pictures in the slider stay normal. So maybe it is not a problem of the slider itself? Every new picture I upload to a slider does not work properly. Adding files from the library does´t work too.
    That is really bad, cause as a photographer i always need to upload new stuff of course.

    I uploaded the latest version of the theme, i have the latest version of wordpress, don´t know what to do now. Of course i tried deactivating all the plugins. I even tried to substitute one of the pictures, but that also led to the problem. :S

    2. Theres a dimension problem too! Look at the end of the page in the last row. Where does that come from? As I said, I just uploaded a brand-new installation. :S



    For 1, try this:
    1) Go to: Settings -> Media
    2) Under ‘thumbnail size’, uncheck ‘Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional)’.

    Regarding 2, i don’t note any issues so far;



    Hey thx for the answer, but:

    1.The box was already checked out. I checked it now, cleaned the cache, nothing happened, i unchecked it, cleaned the cache again, nothing happened. Any other ideas? That´s really an annoying bug. :(

    2. Yes there is, seems like my portfolio did not load completely for you: have a look, its one row under the portfolio items of your screenshot:

    But I think i will just try to reupload that portfolio item. Point Number 1 is way more important for me.

    Edit: For point 1, it would be perfect ok for me, if I knew how to set a fix slider height, like 700 px or sth like that.

    Is that possible? :)
    Thx a lot for your answer again. :)

    Thx a lot.




    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    .slideshow.fade_slider, .slideshow_container {
        height: 700px !important;

    You’ll need to edit your images to 930×700.



    I am getting desperate. That does not work at all, adding that code just kills the site. It looks like crap after that. (That is not meant to sound angry)
    I changed the size of the picture to 700*930, but it did not change anything.

    I just can´t upload new pictures to a slider without getting that awkward size :S

    Existing gallery

    And thats how it looks at a new gallery


    I said 930 width by 700 height. You wanted the height to be 700px fixed right?

    Best regards,


    *****WOOOOOOOWWWWWW: I DID IT!!!! I changed the image height in the functions.php and the regenerated the pictures with the regenerate plugin. That was really a tricky one, damn!*******

    THX for the patience!

    I understood what you said, and of course I changed the pictures to 700 height and 930 width. In Germany, we tell the height first, so I said 700*930. I am not thaaaat stupid. :D

    But: even if I add your code to custom CSS, and even with a picture with 700 height and 930 width, the error occurs: the original size of the image is not shown, all I get is that awkward “slim” format. With the custom CSS, the container indeed gets bigger, but the pictures that is shown does not, it is always shown with that really slim design.

    In other words: The output of the image-size seems to be fixed to that slim design and it is not depending on the container size. But: I really did not change anything in the code or in the settings, except adding a caption to one picture. From that moment on, every picture I add to a slider (no matter if I upload it, get it out of my media-library oder substitute the file via media replace plugin…) the picture is not shown in its original size, the slider does not adapt to the original height and width. :(

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