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    We go live with this site January 18th, thanks for the perfect theme for our Commerce and Visitors Center.

    Just found this happening. When playing (coming to the main page) the slider will place a transparent white box around the text as it plays or when you hover over that slider. We are using the accordion slider on this site.

    Upgraded to 3.3.1 but it was happening on 3.2.x

    It happens with Firefox 8.0.1

    It does not happen on Chrome 16.0.912.75

    It does not happen with Firefox 3.6.10



    I wasn’t able to reproduce your problem – but I’m running FireFox 9.0.1.

    Could you provide a screenshot of the issue?

    Running the latest WordPress version together with the newest Newscast release these JS issues shouldn’t occur, but then again I didn’t test for older browsers versions.


    We got an automatic upgrade to FF 9.0.1 yesterday on that machine.

    That solved the problem. So clearly an issue with 8.0.1

    Thanks for looking, likely they (FF) recognized something was wrong on the browser end and fixed it. So like IE except for the fixing the problem. We go public at 5am tomorrow, thanks for a great theme.

    Steve & Kathy


    Glad that it was a browser issue and not theme related :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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