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    I’d like to use the full 100% of the page for the feature slider images.

    I have uploaded 1280px long edge images, but it seems to stop at the edge of the theme layout.

    I’ve got stretched layout ticked, but it still only shows the part of the image within the layout.

    A little help would be great. Thanks.



    open up css/custom.css and insert following code:

    #top #featured .container li a, #top #featured .container li img{

    Then open up functions.php and adjust the width value which can be found in following code line:

    $avia_config['imgSize']['featured'] 	= array('width'=>978, 'height'=>99999);		// big images for fullsize pages and mainpage slider. no height limitation

    – use any higher value (i.e. 1500px – otherwise the image slider image will be streched/distorted).


    Thanks I’ll try this over the weekend and get back to you.



    Don’t forget to regenerate or re upload the thumbnails. Let us know if it works.




    Is this in AVISIO ?

    I try to do the same thing in AVISIO but your instructions doesn’t seem to work for me.

    I also tried

    It seems to be working for

    Can you help me set this up for me as well ?



    Unfortunately the Avisio slider is not responsive and you can’t easily extend it to the entire page width…

    Best regards,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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